Two Years Of Beyond Perception Music feat. Akku & Arrakeen + Various Artists [BPMCOMP003]

Two Years Of Beyond Perception Music feat. Akku & Arrakeen + Various Artists [BPMCOMP003]

Label: Beyond Perception Music

Release date: 7 January 2017

Catalog number: BPMCOMP003

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Two Years Of Beyond Perception Music (Akku In The Mix)
Two Years Of Beyond Perception Music (Akku In The Mix)
Akku, + Various Artists
Two Years Of Beyond Perception Music (Arrakeen In The Mix)
Two Years Of Beyond Perception Music (Arrakeen In The Mix)
Arrakeen, + Various Artists

Two Years Of Beyond Perception Music [BPMCOMP003]
featuring DJ Mixes by Akku & Arrakeen

Beyond Perception Music and its family of labels and artists celebrate our TWO YEARS of putting out quality tunes by true artistic creators and what an honour we have to have guest DJ & a World-Class act mix our releases in his vision of our Homes.

We thus let the music do the talking because it is a marvelous journey of sound with Akku, our 100th track release title holder for 2016 and label owner Arrakeen putting their best ‘Art of the DJ’ forth and with over 100 tracks this year alone to choose from, it is executed masterfully!

Here we present 32 tracks, all release ready singles and TWO 80+/- minute non-stop world-class DJ mixes accompanied by said full length unmixed originals for our great and valued supporters and appreciators of Trance music!

Strap yourself in because it is one heck-of-a-ride, with exclusive forth-comings and never heard before singles to keep things balanced with music from yesterday, today and tomorrow!

We thank all the artists involved and we look forward to more great original music by yourselves, and hope for support with a purchase this wonderful collection of our art and at a fraction of the price of each single, yet with a cherry on top with 2 very creative and artistically ‘mixed and track selected on-the-fly’ professional DJ mixes!

Get yours now in FOUR distinct parts just like back in the days of CDs!

In celebration, we present here the two DJ mixes for your enjoyment and purchase links to support:


*Two Years Of Beyond Perception Music’s DJ Mixes!*
PART I – Akku In The Mix – [01:19:37]
01. Neo Kekkonen – Kate (Intro Mix)
02. Starlyte – Hypernova (Six Senses Dreamy Remix)
03. David Surok feat. Arrakeen – Why? (Original Mix)
04. Spins & Arrakeen – Love’s Tears (Original Mix)
05. De Cima & Privitheus – Dandelion (Original Mix)
06. Gianne Echavarre – Iora: Remixed (Matt Farmer Remix)
07. Hivanova – Eastwood (Stephane Badey Remix)
08. Hivanova – Forbidden Gardens (Arrakeen Uplifting Mix)
09. Al Sebastian – Lost Horizon (Ico Remix)
10. Aeden – Pray (Original Mix)
11. Elatia vs Jaki Song & Arrakeen – Forbidden (Soprano Mix)
12. Michael Adel – The Holy Vision (Original Mix)
13. Stephane Badey & Jaki Song – Phoenix Lights (Original Mix)
14. Hivanova – Positive Energy (Danny Zero’s Darkside Mix)
15. Michael Kaelios – Spacetime (Original Mix)
16. French Skies – Orient Two (Akku Remix)

PART II – Arrakeen In The Mix – [01:24:43]
01. Arrakeen – The Final Cry (Intro Radio Mix)*
02. Libra – Bittersweet (Arrakeen’s Megadrive Mix feat. Spins)
03. Locus – Thera (Original Mix)
04. Arrakeen – The Gift Of Life (Sebastian Brushwood 2015 Remix Arrakeen 2017 Rework)*
05. RAYSIM – My World (Ico Remix)
06. Aeden – Violet (Ico Remix vs French Skies Remix Arrakeen Mashup)
07. Stephane Badey & Jaki Song – Phoenix Lights (Arrakeen Epic Mix)
08. Spins & Arrakeen – Love’s Tears (Magic Sense Mix)
09. Neo Kekkonen – Kate (Arrakeen Illusion Mix)
10. Gianne Echavarre – Iora: Remixed (Neo Kekkonen 140 Remix)
11. Brannlum feat. Skye Soon – Stay (Neo Kekkonen 140 Deep Mix)*
12. Starlyte – Hypernova (Arrakeen Remix)
13. French Skies – Orient Two (Ico Remix)
14. Danny Zero – Deception (Stephane Badey Remix)
15. WarrenK – Nebula One (Original Mix)
16. Dario JL & Arrakeen – Escape Of The Dream (AscendanceAudio Symphonic Take)*


Everything above in full length variations!!!
Part III – Akku‘s Unmixed Singles
Part IV – Arrakeen‘s Unmixed Singles

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* Never released before EXCLUSIVE tracks!
** Bonus Easter Egg track hidden in one of the mixes. Will be revealed in time…
Released by Beyond Perception Music.
Copyright© 2017, Arrakeen Music. All Rights Reserved.