Hivanova- Forbidden Gardens [AART005]

Hivanova- Forbidden Gardens [AART005]

Label: AscendanceAbstract

Release date: 28 November 2016

Catalog number: AART005

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Forbidden Gardens (Original Mix)
Forbidden Gardens (Arrakeen Uplifting Mix)
Hivanova, Arrakeen
Forbidden Gardens (Radio Edit)

AART005: Hivanova – Forbidden Gardens

Hivanova is BACK on the alternate and shows what he’s really got with this euphoric epic almost arena-style, yet 127bpm progressive stomper that is nothing short of rhythm and melody but this time, coupled with all engulfing surround sound in fat saw stabs that can hardly be called stabs as they immersify you with euphoria at every hit!

This simple yet modern style is somehow reminiscent of old-school sounds and builds that keep a rhythmic groove at slow tempo yet with melody, but at the break, you suddenly feel a sweep of emotion as a semi-orchestral passage surprises and uplifts you, only to throw you back into the mesmerizing tech hits with peak time elements at the climax that can’t quite be defined in any particular style but the style of Hivanova!

This captured label founder Arrakeen‘s attention and he wanted that sound in a style unique to himself with his signature rolling basslines and energetic uplift but with a massive twist right when you expect the drop – instead you are taken to another place in another dimension of unexpected sound through a musical passage of pure improvisation for just a moment in time and suddenly back again but with everything kept entirely in order you wonder what just happened. And all at 140bpm to ensure this record has something for everyone!

We include a third track too for those who wish to go peak time anytime with the original mix in radio friendly form!

We feel the Hivanova sound is set to rise and get even better and here it will surely take you away back to a time when music had energy and power in a ‘less is more’ approach. We hope you enjoy our fifth work of art in sound on display in our Forbidden Gardens!

Available From Stores
Worldwide – 28th Nov 2016

Package Includes:
01. Original Mix – 127BPM: Progressive Uplifting Trance
02. Arrakeen Uplifting Mix – 140BPM: Uplifting Trance
03. Radio Edit – 127BPM: Progressive Uplifting Trance

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