Solewaas – Pareidolia [AART004]

Solewaas – Pareidolia [AART004]

Label: AscendanceAbstract

Release date: 11 November 2016

Catalog number: AART004

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Pareidolia (Original Mix)
Pareidolia (Gianne Echavarre Remix)
Solewaas, Gianne Echavarre

AART004: Solewaas – Pareidolia

Mature sounds for the easy listener but with euphoria in melody and construct of perfectionism are a staple of our releases as a label that represents an ‘art gallery’.

Hence the progressive melodic & uplifting sounds of Solewaas has gained our attention and we absolutely love it. It has groove and quality in production, along with interesting organic movement by digitally created machines. Pareidolia is one such musical sentience and tastefully done.

Gianne Echavarre of parent-label AscendanceAudio‘s ‘Signature Artist‘ honour lends his touch of subtly enhanced driving rhythmic beats and leads, coupled with atmosphere and elements that are rounded and natural-sounding designed to take you on a journey from track one to two – thus you feel this ‘single’ as a ‘single entity’ in itself.

Enjoy the beats and progressive uplift in AscendanceAbstract‘s latest work of fine art on exhibition.

Package Contains:
01. Original Mix
02. Gianne Echavarre Remix