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AA032 had begun campaigning with mail-outs sent on 28 Nov 1745 GMT. EOL: 28 Feb 2017 GMT.

AACOMP003 is currently on its campaign run since 03:10 GMT 14 Feb 2017.

AA033 is on its campaign run with secure mailers sent on 03:30 GMT 19 Feb 2017 

AA034 is on its campaign run with secure mailers sent sometime ago. No time to check!

Subscription to Promotional Content is offered below!

Promotional rates for promoters and now EVERYONE is ELIGIBLE TOO! And for prices that are more than 75% off stores in the long run, it’s a no brainer and promises we will be around to carry on.

But Why?:
We want to stay alive… and keep it simple… So we have pegged fixed rates at a very affordable $19.99/quarter. Please do note we pay in commission approx. 50% when you buy in stores (eg, you pay $5.99, we get $2.90), then we are subject to other fees such as but not limited to: PayPal transaction fees for withdrawal from distributor, Forex rates + 3% PayPal fee on top of Forex rates, and transfer fees or MassPay fees to artists or our bank account.
We have no control over how much they charge you (for stores) nor for transaction and other currency exchange related fees through banks or PayPal.
To show your support and as a direct payment with PayPal Purchase Protection offered as well as our guarantee that we will deliver more than what you’d pay at stores AND compilations are only available to paying customers… Hence we think $19.99/quarter is fair. ( +5% handling / overall fee sharing / taxes ).
As for promo pool, it remains at our sole discretion. (yes we kept everyone and we also added none, so it’s fair).
[All previous offers have been expired. Don’t ask just do if you really wanted to you would have already.]

Conclusion & Ethos:
We hope for a more wholesome scene and one where the artists get paid, vs the middle men. Remember, our content power the shows. And we are artists not producers or fame name game seekers… we just want to do our thing and let the like minded follow because if we like a tune, we are sure someone else does too…. Our goal is to find those people. So do support and make purchases at or in house direct sales store and let the artists truly know you support their talent and efforts, if not, subscription promises our survival and is preferred..

Thank you.

Fixed discount rates open to ALL! Cheaper than stores guaranteed or your money back!

3 months of promos @ $19.99. 6 months $29.99 only! All compilations included!

+ 5% fee sharing.
Also note recent PayPal policy change will soon enable buyers/senders to choose who pays the transaction fees. Please note the fee is in the 5% fee sharing we charge. Also note PayPal transaction and foreign exchange fee’s have all gone up by 0.5 – 1% and borne by us., hence the need for a small ‘sharing’ of it, but still are cheaper than stores. Check PayPal website ‘User Agreement Updates’ for more clarity on their policy changes.

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