Beyond Perception Monthly Ep031 – Mixed By Arrakeen

Beyond Perception Monthly Ep031 – Mixed By Arrakeen


Published on: 7th June 2017

Here’s episode 31, featuring our artists special, with some surprises and a special edit… Not all the tracks here will be on the official forthcoming artists’ albums but an ‘idea’ is the idea… 😉


01. Alcyone Project – Gate To Another World (Arrakeen Bootleg Rework) [VERSE / CDR]
02. Aeden – ID (Original Mix) [AscendanceAudio] *World Premiere*
03. Dario JL & Arrakeen – Escape Of The Dream (Symphonic Trance Mix) [AscendanceAudio]
04. Arrakeen – Exoneration 2015 (Original Mix) [CDR]
05. Hivanova (Aeden) – Positive Energy (Danny Zero Darkside Remix) [AscendanceAbstract]
06. Aeden – ID2 (Original Mix) [AscendanceAudio]
07. Forbidden MindKyoto (Uplifting Trance Mix) [AscendanceAudio]
08. French Skies – Orient (Arrakeen Made In The Orient Mix) [AscendanceAudio]
09. Arrakeen – Goodbye My Friend (Ikerya Project 2014 Remix) [AscendanceAudio]
10. Arrakeen – Finding Freedom (Uplifting Orchestral Dub Mix) [Beyond Perception Music / CDR]
11. Arrakeen & Jaki Song – The Gift Of Life (Original Mix) [AscendanceAudio]

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