Beyond Perception Monthly Ep028 – Mixed By Arrakeen

Beyond Perception Monthly Ep028 – Mixed By Arrakeen


Published on: 01 March 2017

We are proud to present Beyond Perception Monthly Episode028 – Mixed By Arrakeen, which aired on 1st Mar 2017 on to the world of YouTube (and already on SoundCloud) with Tracklisting synchronized in the mix…

Featuring music (original and remixed) by Artists Aeden, Arrakeen, A-Sean, Brannlum, Dario JL, Jaki Song, CERN*, M.I.K.E aka Push*, Neo Kekkonen and Skye Soon.

Released by Record Labels AscendanceAudio/Beyond Perception Music and VERSE Recordings (Equinox), with licensed content from Abora Recordings and additional *remixed/reworked unofficial exclusive non-distributed CD-R content.
Massive thanks to “Beyond Trance” twitter/facebook/g+ group for helping extract the tracklist from our live in the mix tracklisting on Twitter and BPM Official Facebook label page (
All tracks mastered by Arrakeen except Aeden Original and Neo Kekkonen remix, of which were mastered by the respective named artists.
-End Credits-

Why though, we discourage post radioshow tracklisting:
It condones the act of selective support of “big name” vs “proper music” and discourages viewership/listens to the DJ mixes that when done properly and on-the-fly non-planned playlist vs arranged back-to-back via DAW and pre-planned playlist that often have no character but just big names and takes the ‘art of the DJ’ away when nobody listens to DJ mixes created through experience and ‘feeling’ – as an art form in itself – but instead just see the tracklists and download the big names without listening to the journey and story every mix we do tells….

Many many DJ sets just feature the latest this and big name that… yet if one took the time to listen to say this set for example, nothing “sounds-the-same” yet 90%+ were creations by one person, and we can say rival the biggest names out there.. So really, are you LISTENING? or are there no more listeners left who appreciate proper sound mixed on-the-fly with no planned tracklist but selected once one song mixes out, leaving room for error which = originality and something interesting and different..

A DJ mix should never have edits or chopped up unless a mega-mix, instead should have harmonic overlapping or even lack of harmonic mixing creates excitement towards what song is coming next… This suspense and anticipation and waiting to hear if a DJ plays their favourite tune or leaves a great track to be discovered is lost when “the ending of the movie is given before the movie even begins”…

This is perhaps why radio too itself is a dying breed with patience lost (the staple of trance music as once was our motto “patience reaps rewards”), everyone wants a shortcut these days, few sit back to appreciate the art of life and music. Music itself being a quintessential part of life lost through on-demand and immediate gratification…

Songs are getting shorter in duration as a result and it’s all being lost when once, a Trance track less than 9 mins was considered short. TRANCE lost its meaning as one cannot be put in a Trance in under 6 mins.. hypnotic beats and melodies need time to do their Trance thing… now we don’t know what it’s called but here you will find the TRANCE you or WE once regarded as ‘proper’…

Thus we take the hours of trouble to make the tracklisting synchronized in the mix and hope listeners appreciate the art of mixing as it once was…It also embellishes and respects the artists by putting their name over their music vs a line of text after the entire mix… We do it with heart… Do you listen with heart?

For more proper art and the DJ mix a work of art in itself, visit us and buy music. You best starting point – the home we created by hand with heart for our artists and music lovers alike:
[] music website and online community.

Cheers and really, enjoy the beats!

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