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Forbidden Mind – Kyoto [AA035]

Enjoy his other fine tunes with us at AscendanceAudio here:

Forbidden Mind returns to AscendanceAudio with ANOTHER solo album, this time rather than an EP with remixer, he shows us he has the capability to create 2 epic and banging versions of a melody in his vision with Kyoto.

5 June 2017 Read more

Arrakeen – Goodbye My Friend [AA033]


AA033: Arrakeen – Goodbye My Friend (Incl. Ikerya Project) [AscendanceAudio] – Full HD Wallpaper

12 February 2017 Read more

French Skies – Orient Two [AA032]

French Skies – Orient Two [AA032]

This year’s biggest sound has arrived with the re-unification of Nations through music once again! A ‘founding member‘ with contribution to our first release and a truly unique and passionate creator of aural sophistication brings the year end something to talk about with this superb reinterpretation of his own work!

6 December 2016 Read more

Neo Kekkonen – Kate [AA030]

Neo Kekkonen – Kate [AA030]

AscendanceAudio marks its 30th release with a powerful unique and already out but not in its own official package for the Original Mix but compiled multiple times because the sound is mega multiples of itself in its composition, build and quality.

16 October 2016 Read more

WarrenK – Interstellar EP [AA029]

Finally it is time to premiere a massive artist we had the honour of calling a friend for some time now, already with some beautiful remixes with us, most recently out would be our previous remixes package where his remix saw great feedback with use of words like ‘energy’, ‘depth’, ‘creative’ some of the descriptives commonplace in the promotional reviews for his remix.

16 October 2016 Read more

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