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Hivanova- Forbidden Gardens [AART005]

AART005: Hivanova – Forbidden Gardens

Hivanova is BACK on the alternate and shows what he’s really got with this euphoric epic almost arena-style, yet 127bpm progressive stomper that is nothing short of rhythm and melody but this time, coupled with all engulfing surround sound in fat saw stabs that can hardly be called stabs as they immersify you with euphoria at every hit!

29 November 2016 Read more

Solewaas – Pareidolia [AART004]

AART004: Solewaas – Pareidolia

Mature sounds for the easy listener but with euphoria in melody and construct of perfectionism are a staple of our releases as a label that represents an ‘art gallery’.

11 November 2016 Read more

Hivanova – Eastwood [AART003]

Barely a release between and we have again for you, Hivanova’s unique melodic progressive dark canvasses of sound for the aural connoisseurs in us all that appreciate the minimalistic and hypnotic beats, synthesized electronic sweeps and instrumentation in a somewhat simple yet very much intricate soundscape through perfect executions of non-conventional chords and scales that Hivanova is fast gaining respect in the scene for.

7 October 2016 Read more

Dario JL & Myk Bee – This Ain’t Symphony [AART002]

The Second of our ‘Abstract’ Art series comes from two true veterans… Dario JL aka TechTrek coupled with a storm in the scene at the moment, Myk Bee.

26 September 2016 Read more

Hivanova – Positive Energy [AART001]

Hivanova, or known better as Aeden, once again leads the way forth with our labels through his unique approach at a style reminiscent of great classics of the 90’s electronica, but in his undeniably modern construct in sound.

19 September 2016 Read more