About Us

A brief message from our founder:

“Just about 2 years ago, I had this idea to create a home for artists whom of which were independent and “travelling in circles” trying to get that big break. I myself have been as such for almost 10 years now, and another 10 as a DJ and even more as a true appreciator of Trance Music since the mid 90’s.

I’ve seen it all, and then I still get surprised daily by lots of stuff so I decided to take matters into my own hands and just build… 2 years later, we have put out over 200 unique recordings that nowhere “sound-the-same”, as a lover of electronica, sometimes I’m in the mood for some tech, some psy, even indulging in happy hardcore now and then, but my heart is with uplifting emotional trance, as I believe music is an expression of self and cannot be limited to a single style or genre… it would practically be limiting oneself as a person, and I believe we are limitless… Only bounded by our will. Hence I’m eclectic and run my labels similarly.

Most importantly though, that one thing I will always pursue is what I started out to do, and that’s to create a home. //Ascendance.Audio/ online community is just less than a month young and built quietly and not even 30% done, amidst that I did tons of other functions but I got her up and running and with our very own Promo Sending Tool ready to launch in 24 hours, that’s something…

Our label group had grown from a passionate bunch of 4 guys backing one who had an idea… Ideas don’t become reality on its own… So today I can say we have some 120 – 150 artists on our roster that I’m utterly grateful to for putting their emotional brainchildren and intellectual property with me, but must apologize for I simply can’t find the time to populate everyone in the ARTISTS list as fast as I wanted. All the coding and programming, troubleshooting etc on the geeky side of things really needed fixing so do give me some time on all fronts…

We also have some 200 track releases, so don’t mind that for now it is a bit barren, many of the features I have envisioned are functional but disabled till I can get everything looking magnificent.. I mean you don’t live in your home when the foundations are being laid right? I set up a little shack n the corner to get stuff done so I’m off now to get more stuff done… Feel free to browse and do register an account with the site so you can receive our forthcoming newsletters and also be a part of something fresh and new with a full fledged forum capable of linking as friends, private messaging, I even have a live chatroom and much more, but these only open up when you create an account. So go for it!

DJ’s on our promo pool will automatically be migrated over here with an account already created, more information on that is in the promo sendout #1, which has Neo Kekkonen’s “Kate” featuring remixes by myself I’m very proud of… So to new beginnings and a revival of what we once knew Trance as, and less social moogling on FB and Twitter has led me to create //Ascendance.Audio/ which is self-sufficient and independent and a home for any artist who is truly an artist. 😉

As our motto goes:

[A]scendance[A]udio. Founded by the [A]rtist, for the [A]rtist.

That’s it for now, I have much more but people dislike my speeches or don’t have the time to read so I’ll cut out here..

Best Regards and PLUR to all, we can get things right if we just think of the positive and let the opposite give us strength!”
Founder / Managing Director / A & R
Arrakeen Music International
[AscendanceAudio | AscendanceAbstract | Beyond Perception Music]

p.s. Don’t forget I’m on the radio 24/7 365 days a year on di-radio.com/arrakeen-trance where you can catch my sets dating back over 2 decades. Thanks DI-Radio! And now streamable right here from Home by pressing the big PLAY button on top…. so we got the grooves and it don’t cut off as you move…. (between pages) 😉
//Ascendance.Audio/ online.